This shop was predicted not so long ago. A very wise lady had a vision about an online shop offering Tibetan singing bowls, pendulum…

We followed her vision and setup this shop.

We hope that our offer will help you to grow or to make other people happy.


Our offer: at home directly from the producer

We work directly with producers, craftsmen and wholesalers.

This allows you to benefit from:

  • a broader offer because we are not limited by the size of our warehouses
  • a more precise choice because we can work with more producers and artisans throughout Europe and Asia
  • a fairer price thanks to the reduction in the number of intermediaries
  • a more ecological approach because your purchases are delivered from the producer, the wholesaler or artisan directly to you, without detour by the warehouse or the store of a distributor
  • a more original offer because we offer access to the catalog of producers
  • a selection of products according to your criteria
  • a gain in time by finding in the same place the supply of producers from all over Europe
  • access to productions that are not necessarily distributed in your country

About us and our projects for the Karmik Shop

We are simply a team of thirty and forty-something year-old friends who wanted to change their path and bring more meaning and authenticity to other’s life.

Collaborating in different European countries (Ireland, Belgium, Spain, France), we want to take advantage of the know-how in our continent by discovering new suppliers and making this offer accessible to you wherever you are located.

We also want to gradually more meaning with new research tools, articles and integrating them into our offer.

We are proud to be Europeans. we want to put forward the offer from our countries, if only to privilege the short circuits. But we also had the chance to travel and live on other continents. During our travels, we also admired the crafts and the productions of other countries and we are happy to integrate these in our shop.

Free Delivery
For any order above GBP 80
Money Back Guarantee
100% Refund within 14 days
Dedicated Support
Please feel free to contact us for any question related to our products.